Meet with a Professor

Our professor will meet with you to construct a plan for your child to follow so that they can maximize their opportunities for acceptance into top graduate schools.

Start Early

We recommend beginning in high school or before. Though there are benefits even at a later date, the most powerful effects require starting early.


  • Personalized Blueprint for Building a Graduate School Application

Meet individually with a professor and Graduate Director for a personalized plan of action to craft the best possible graduate application. We recommend that you start when your child is about to enter high school.

Costs include travel, lodging, and a consulting fee. We will continue to be available for advice over the years that your child prepares for graduate education.


  • Intensive¬†Private¬†Mathematics Instruction

Mathematics is both a crucial step in getting your child ahead as well as the most common stumbling block. We offer intensive two-and-a-half week personalized and private mathematics instruction in the summer with a professor of mathematics to either get your child ahead in mathematics or to get them back on track.

Costs include travel, room and board, and a consulting fee.


  • Crafting Graduate School Essays

In consultation with a writer having a degree in comparative literature, we can help edit and craft your graduate school application essays.

Costs include a consulting fee and are typically handled over the internet. If needed, travel for two and lodging is required.

Next Step...

Contact us for your own individualized plan. You will meet with an expert in graduate admissions fully able to advise you on the steps to help your child obtain a top tier graduate education.