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Black Swan Saloon

FIX: This may just be the Dallas speakeasy by which all others are judged. Black Swan is an unpretentious and dimly lit bar run by award-winning cocktail mad scientist Gabe Sanchez. An early cornerstone in the rebirth of Deep Ellum, it is beloved in large part for its attention to each individual patron’s palate. Don’t believe us? Just saunter up to the bar and let the bartender know what you like (and don’t), then be amazed when they deliver one of the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted.

True Deep Ellum fans know that Black Swan Saloon is the real speakeasy of the neighborhood, although the club Truth and Alibi gets all the attention! Black Swan Saloon has been around for years. It sits right on Elm St in the heart of all the hustle and bustle of weekend nights, but is so easily missed. It’s sort of like trying to find Diagon Alley! To find it for the first time, use Google Maps as their door is unmarked. Upon entering, don’t search for a cocktail menu. You won’t find one. Be bold and tell the bartender exactly what you want, or what type of liquor and style you like and you’ll receive a curated drink!



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