Our Approach

Sit down with someone intimately involved in the graduate process at a major U.S. institution. An active research professor overseeing the graduate admissions for their department will guide you in the steps needed to help your child end up at a top tier graduate school.

Our Story

Though steeped in every aspect of the business of graduate education, it wasn't until we guided our own children through the process that it became apparent how much of a difference our expertise made. To reap the maximum benefit, you should start early. We can give you a plan to make your child an outstanding graduate applicant.

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Our Expert

Mark Sepanski earned his PhD from MIT in 1994 and went on to postdoctoral positions at Cornell University and Oklahoma State University. In 1997, he joined Baylor University where he is now a Full Professor. He remains an active researcher and has authored over 30 research papers and two books.

At Baylor, he has been deeply involved with the graduate program since 2000 and the Director of Graduate Studies since 2010. He meets regularly with Graduate Directors from all university departments as well as with Graduate Directors from across the entire United States at annual meetings.

Partly through mentoring his own children and largely through his experience as a Professor and Graduate Director, he has extensive familiarity with all levels of education. He is able to leverage this knowledge to help set a path for success to some of the finest graduate institutions in the world.

Next Step...

Contact us for your own individualized plan. You will meet with an expert in graduate admissions fully able to advise you on the steps to help your child obtain a top tier graduate education.