Going to a Top Tier Graduate School

takes years of planning. In fact, it is best to begin long before entering college. It takes time and it takes a plan to prepare for graduate school.

One of the main differences about being accepted into a graduate school versus an undergraduate school is that the professors have complete control over the process. Professors look for different things than undergraduate admissions counselors. As a result, getting into a great graduate program requires a different type of preparation.

We are intimately familiar with the entire process of getting into a great graduate school. For bright kids who are willing to work hard, we will show you what it really takes to prepare for graduate school and how to make your application stand out. Let us help you.


Get Ahead

For almost 20 years, we have looked at graduate school applications, met with prospective graduate students, participated in and chaired committees that decided who to admit to graduate school, and discussed graduate education with professors from all areas of academia. As a result, we know how to prepare for graduate school.

By following our advice, our students will be far ahead of their peers. Their graduate school applications will be planned years in advance by an expert in graduate admissions. As a result, they will be the front runners for top graduate schools.

Next Step...

Contact us for your own individualized plan. You will meet with an expert in graduate admissions fully able to advise you on the steps to help your child obtain a top tier graduate education.

We recommend starting as early as possible--even at the beginning of high school/secondary education. If graduate education is your eventual goal, we know exactly how to prepare for graduate school and can get you started on the path right now.